Goodbye skyline

Day 46

Hiked today: 24.3

Hiked total: 964.8

To katahdin: 1213.5

Out of our gas station campsite we went. We jumped on the skyline and walked for 13 miles. It was a bit rainy, very foggy, and occasionally windy, but we had a good day. Since we were on the road, and normal people would never drive on the skyline when you can't see any of the views, I was able to walk beside Andy. This was good for conversation, which is the best time passer. The 13 miles flew by, and before we knew it we were at the end of SNP. My shin hurt a lot again today, but I'm starting to think its the extreme pressure change which makes it really hurt. So I took some medicine and was fine.

About a mile after we started the 11.4 miles on the trail, we hit the boundary line and didn't turn back. We stopped for lunch at a pretty cool shelter -- it had a porch! After that we jumped back on the trail. We didn't fill our waters today, and on the flat road it wasn't a big deal. However, halfway through our trail portion we started getting dehydrated. We pushed it to the shelter and got here around 5:45. The lunch shelter was cool, but this is amazing. Not only does it have a giant porch, it has an adirondack lounge chair, cooking pavilion, firewood cubby, and solar shower. The shower obviously didn't work because its not really hiking season yet, but it was still cool.

We went to the stream and to our dismay found it to be a trickling stream. Andys water pump died, and I sent mine back because we decided to just use purification drops to save weight and for ease. Normally there is a little well or a tube where the water is, but since this was a trickle, we had to scoop it out. This meant we had a little pulp in our water. I may get a mini sieve to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Today was good despite the rain. Tomorrow is a longer day then I wrote last night (29) but I think we will make it. This will make the day before the four state challenge a little shorter.

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