Wrong way

Day 45

Hiked today: 8.6 +3
Hiked total: 940.5
To katahdin: 1237.8

We slept very well last night. Unfortunately we got to bed around 1:30, but it was a restful 8 hours of sleep. We checked out and went up to a breakfast place called uncle bucks. We got double breakfasts and went to go pick up aunt debs new pack! We were very excited to get all her delicious creations once more.
After we figured out what to carry now and what to send ahead, we went to the store to pick up peanut butter. I wanted to go to the outfitters because my warm weather hiking socks got a whole in the back causing a large blister, but they were closed! For some weird reason, they aren't open Mondays and Tuesdays. Oh well, ill pick some up in a few days. Tonight is our last night in the SNP.

After we had lunch, we asked for a ride, and the women at the diner said the chamber of commerce might be able to help. So we went there and asked and the woman said a guy would and called him to tell him we were waiting, before telling us he charged. She said he only charged around 30 cents a mile and the trail is only 9 miles out of town so it was fine.

We got to the trail head and he said it was 20 bucks. I grudgingly paid him and we went up the trail on the side he pointed out. About 1.5 miles later we realize we went south. We had to walk back and then the right way. We decided to go on the road as it would be faster. There was a shelter 14 miles out, and we wanted to get there. However, because of the late start and the 3 mile mishap, we stopped here. We are currently camping in a breeze way at a wayside gas station. Its closed until April 9th, but looks like they are renovating, so hopefully we will be up before anyone gets here. The breeze way is more of a wind tunnel and is blowing the tarp we set up as protection like crazy.

The next few days are hard as we prepare for the four state challenge on Saturday where we hike through Virginia, west Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. So the miles will be 25, 23, 18, and then 43.

Thanks for the food aunt deb! We had the four cheese burger rice tonight and it was perfect.

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