Roller coaster

Day 47

Hiked today: 28.4
Hiked total: 993.1
To katahdin: 1185.2

We decided to take the day off and ride the roller coaster. The only problem is, we didn't take the day off, and it wasn't fun.

We woke up to fog which was no fun. We had a big breakfast and got on the trail. The first 10 miles was pretty easy add flew by.

There were a lot of people on the trail which was a surprise. Mostly section hikers, but some day hikers. A couple hours into the day we hear a woman shouting. A few minutes later we are staring at a big pitbull in the fog. We both stop as its growling at us and seems to be sizing us up -- not to mention the screaming owner behind it. She leashes it, pulls it tight, and says 'you're good.' We walk passed while its lunging for us and continue.

We pass a couple more hikers and the next 8 miles are getting harder. It was good terrain but rocky, and that means sore feet.

With 10 miles left, we start what is known as the roller coaster. In that mileage we go up and down 7 fairly steep summits. Not only that, but it was very rocky. Sore and tired. That's what we got out of it.

At 8 o'clock, we make it to the hostel. It was just dark, and the fog rolled in, but we made it.

This place is awesome. Ill go into more details in the morning, but there are two other north boundera here our age. Not really sure how we didn't know about them, but they are cool.

Sleeping in tomorrow.

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