Tired feet

Day 38

Hiked today: 19.3

Hiked total: 645.2

To katahdin: 1533.1

In our little nook behind the store, we woke up. Neither of us felt like waking up this morning, and we slept for an extra half hour. We finally got everything together and walked over to Hardees where we got breakfast, brushed our teeth, and got changed. We left and walked the half mile to the trail head where we were to follow the ugliest section of the trail yet. For about three miles we walked around this big factory. No idea what kind, but it was ugly and smelly, and a train kept tooting its horn. We could hear the horn nearly half the day, it just got annoying.

Once we were on the ridge line it was a little better. The uphill was a little tough, but not too bad. The clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped. It misted heavily and the fog was thick, but luckily there was no real rain.

The ridge line was full of small pointy rocks that began to tear up our all ready beaten feet. We were both having shooting pains from our heels up through our leg. It was not fun. We also realized that we were basically staring at a painting - the 'view' we had of the fog was the same as every other bad day.

We decided that we would spend some extra days at our homes to rest and heal our feet. We also decided that instead of getting tied down by shelters and pulling an extra couple miles a day, we would just do 20 and camp at that spot. We realized that our feet aren't in great shape and that extra time in camp will be valuable. We will still stick to our 20 miles a day plan (other than today, we are at a shelter) and be out of VA in 2.5 weeks. No zero days until home unless there is a problem. I hope our feet make it!

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