Day zero

ironically, yesterday I said we wouldn't be taking anymore zero days. Unfortunately, at about 4am, I started throwing up. I didn't stop even when there was nothing left to vomit! It is and was terrible. It was cold out too which didn't help. Instead of getting back in the tent, I eventually just took my bag and wrapped myself up on the picnic table. We were going to stay at the shelter but I told Andy I rather pay for a room and try to get rid of this.

We were lucky that the road was only .3 miles away. We got to the road and for two minutes Andy had service on his phone. We called the motel and the woman came to pick us up.

I still feel terrible, but I have yet to vomit since I've been here. I got some sleep, and pepto. I hope it goes away so we can be off tomorrow. Although the motel owner said there is a bug going around and ill feel really bad for a week. I hope it was just the water.
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