Food lion

Day 37

Hiked today: 22.4

Hiked total: 625.9

To katahdin: 1552.4

We woke to a cloudy sky and a misting drizzle. We were not pleased. It was supposed to be sunny and warm! Oh well. We packed up, ate breakfast, and went on. By the time we got to the first shelter, the sun began to shine and we were happy once more.

I was going through the register at the shelter, and there were two people who were shot by this crazy guy in may who had come back for a story in the paper. The crazy guy killed two, years ago and when he went to jail for shooting these guys, he died 3 days later. That was comforting, at least we didn't have to worry.

We went on and we both started getting tired. Our feet were sore, and our speed had decreased. We think the mileage in our book was messed up because it kept saying we were going much slower than we thought. However, at the end of the day we weren't that far off our eta, so the book was messing with our heads.

We finally got into town sore and hurting. We went into the Chinese buffet (number three) and ate. Ironically the lady said she was from nyc as well. We went next door to the grocery store and got our food for the next 5 days. Afterwards we decided to set up camp... Around back. Instead of hiking the half mile to the trail, back in the morning for breakfast, then back again, we thought it would be Better to camp nearby. So we did.

We found a little spot surrounded by beer cans and deer right behind the grocery store. We ate our ben and jerrys (number 4) and got ready to sleep. Then a cop rolled by. He took his big flashlight And called us out. With a pint (of ice cream) in my hand, and his on his gun, we confronted one another. I explained we were hikers and he said he just saw a light and wanted to check it out. He let us stay! He went on and now we are going to sleep. Tomorrows going to be a tough day, and the weather is supposed to be bad again.

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