Long day and big falls

Day 36

Hiked today: 20.5 + 6

Hiked total: 603.5

To katahdin: 1574.8

Another good sleep. That's 4 in a row, we are getting spoiled! We woke up today, ate our left overs from last night and headed out. Unfortunately I made a mistake and sent our extra food to bastian instead of bland, which was 6 miles from our motel. We started to walk expecting to get a hitch, but none came. Between being in the morning rush to work hours, and being on a small road, today was our first unsuccessful hitch. So we walked. 6 miles. Before we even got to the trail.

We got to the PO and packed up our food and started walking back to the trail (about 2 miles) and luckily got a hitch right out of town. This guy drove us to the trail head and then at 11:30, we started our day.

It was a beautiful day. Finally, after 6 days of rain and darkness, it was sunny and warm. We were in shorts and tshirts all day. It was a little breezy, so we didn't get over heated. That is what saved this day from being a really bad day. Its also the most clear night we have had yet. The stars are gorgeous since there aren't any lights for miles.

We hiked over our 20 mile marker to get to a campsite that sounded cool. I was exhausted. Curse Andy and his track days. I'm a rower, I got for 5 minutes at a time and there aren't any up hills on the water! Oh well, anyway. We finally got to the campsite as the sun was setting. It was at a waterfall. Instead of camping near it on the ground, we decided to camp in it on a rock. Okay, maybe not IN the water, but on the rocks next to it that is part of the falls. We are pretty sure its not tidal, so we aren't too worried. I just hope I don't kick myself for saying that in the morning.

So the falls will either put us to sleep, or keep us up. All I know is I'm really tired and upset that 6 miles didn't count towards the trail! That's the trail I suppose, never know what to expect.

Pearisburg tomorrow, and we broke 600 miles!

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