It's christmas all over (minus the snow thank goodness.)

Day 30

Today will hopefully not be a zero day and I will be able to post mileage up later, but I thought since I was at a computer, I would update everyone, couldn't add any pictures right now unfortunately, but I will try to at our next stop.

Last night we set up the tent in the middle of the trail about 10 yards from one houses' backyard and another 10 from someones front yard. It was one thing at night, but when we woke up it was a little awkward... luckily we didn't see anyone.

We got into the town and dropped our packs at the outfitter, I got one box that was sent there and we went to eat breakfast. While at breakfast I opened it up, it was Andy's present and a watch I got from Alpine back at Neels Gap (got it for cheap.) I got Andy a jacket like mine because his down jacket weighs about 5 lbs, so I thought it would be a good investment. We ate, and then went back to the outfitters to pick up some fuel and anything else we may need. Unfortunately, as of now, my replacement pack hasn't gotten there yet. The shoulder strap is ripping and Gregory was kind enough to send me a brand new pack, and it should be here today. If not, then we will be forced to take a zero day. It's a beautiful day, so that wouldn't be cool, even if we only do 10 miles. Our feet are hurting a little, but not too badly.

So we headed towards the post office to pick up the rest of our packages. Two giant (and heavy) packages came for Andy from his Aunt Deb. We were worried she sent canned food and it would break our backs carrying it around. He got another package from his mom, and I got one from my mom as well. We opened our parents packages up first to find lots of snacks and bars. Andy got his Crocs, so now he can throw away his old man slippers he was using as camp shoes. Other than bars in mine, I got a letters and pictures from a bunch of kids in Nathans (my first grade brother) class. It was very cute, and thoughtful of them. I also got a page with little notes from a bunch of my old teachers at their school. I actually sent those back because I want to keep them but don't want them to get ruined or wet, so thank you all very much!

Now comes the two big packages. Andy opens them up to find a HUGE mount of home-made dehydrated, packaged, and ziplocked bags of food. Breakfast, lunch, dinners, bars, snacks, just a huge santa bag full of food. Andy's Aunt Deb made us each a little cozy to put our ziplocks in while they are cooking to keep our food hot as well. It was very thoughtful of her to include me in his package. We went through all the food from home-made jerky, to hamburger rice, to cheesy bacon spuds and figured out what we would need. Between our parents and Aunt Deb, we actually had to send a big package ahead of us because we would just be carrying way too much food for 5 days and our backs would be in pain. All-in-all, she saved us a TON of money and time trying to resupply. She probably fed us for about a 2 weeks! It will be a nice change from our regular meals, that is for certain.

Anyway, I hope my pack comes. We sent home some stuff to lighten our loads so hopefully our packs will be much lighter on our backs, even with all the food. We are very thankful for Aunt Deb and our parents for all the stuff they have sent. As for Nathans class, I hope you got the package I sent, I will double check with my mom later once my phone is charged (she sent my charger and now I can charge it without spending money on batteries.)

Thanks everyone!