Some miles

Day 30 (cont.)

Hiked today: 5.6
Hiked total: 468.6
To katahdin: 1709.7

Well my bag finally came. I'm really happy the people at Gregory are so good and were able to send me a whole new pack. Not going to lie, ill miss my old one. I need to rub this one in some dirt or something. But all is well gear wise now! Andy is getting his replacement in a few days.

We got a few miles in, but not many. We would have liked to do more but didn't get to the trail until 5, so we couldn't go too far with a decent amount of light. We found a campsite next to a river and road, set up a fire (finally we got to use the starter the scouts gave us) and tried one of Aunt Debs dinners. It was very tasty and we are excited to try everything else, so thanks again!

We are happy it wasn't a full zero day, but a little sad it was only a .20 day.
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