Day 29

Hiked today: 33.0
Hiked total: 463.0
To katahdin: 1715.3

Yes, its written right. 33 miles. We were told the last 25 miles are pretty easy into damascus and we were looking forward to it. Today our plan was to camp half way and make it into town tomorrow. However, we woke up today, and said let's just do it all. We were only 8 miles away from the easy part that many people do in a day, so what's an extra 8? We would take three breaks along the way, and eat all the food we had for tomorrow to keep us fueled. So that's what we did. It was much more flat than ever before, so we cruised. For the whole day we averaged 3 mph where we normally do 2.5. At one point we pased about 15 people in this weird group thing all spaced out in equal intervals from one another, and all very odd. At that point we both went into race mode and took each down one by one. We later figured out we were going more than 4 mph there. There was more up hill than expected, but nothing to terrible.

It got dark around 8, but we hiked on for about 2 hours. I'm glad I brought that powerful light with me as it lit up the entire path and its surroundings. We finally made it to the Virginia border line which means we are now officially done with 3 states! With our feet pounding, throbbing and aching, we finally made it. We put our packs down right before the town on the trail and was about to et up camp when I got the number for a pizza place. We called at 9:50 and they said they were opened for another 10 mins. So we placed our order. Then we realized it was a mile away. So what did we do? Dropped our packs on the side of the trail and RAN. After 33 miles and 11 hours of just hiking, we ran for a mile. We got there and ate the subpar pizza very quickly. It was across from a grocery store open until 12 so we went in and got chicken tenders, oreos, milk, and cake. We slowly walked back to the trail, set up the tent, gobbled up our food, and now we will pass out.

Tomorrow we will spend half the day in town then head out. This makes up for one forced zero day due to weather.

Time to sleep.

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