Great day

Day 5

Hiked today: 15
Hiked in total: 56.5
To katadhin: 2121.8

Today was great. Andy and I left at 8 before mostly everyone was up. We actually hiked pretty quickly for the first half because it was fairly flat terrain. We hiked 7.3 miles in 2.5 hours. Then the second half we went up and down more than 16,000 feet! It was pretty tiring. At the bottom of one of the mountains there was a cooler with a rock on it and we were excited for some trail magic but opened it up only to find trash. We met a few people along the way but about 2 miles from the shelter we are staying at we met two women who were waiting for one of their husbands and they gave us each a beer and some hummus, carrots, and strawberries. That was a very nice treat. We finally got up to the shelter and decided to tent at a site overlooking the mountains and had a nice fire and got meal. Tomorrow we will spend the night in Hiawassee because Andy has yet to spend a night in a nice bed. Not sure if the hiker hostels are open yet but I'm really hoping they are so we can meet some hikers, that, after all, is the best part of staying in town.

Nice down hill 11 miles to get to the road tomorrow then we will hitch hike in to town.

Ill put pictures up if there's a computer or I have good service.

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