Back on the trail

Day 4

Hiked today: 10.8
Total hiked: 41.5
To kathadin: 2136.8

So it was nice to get back on the trail again. It was gorgeous and warm too which was great. I do miss mountain crossings though. We hiked at our own paces and I got here around 330 and hung out until the others got here. A guy named halfway got here before them so we talked for a while. He's retired and been section hiking the trail for 5 years. Pretty nude guy. Then a kid named Andy gothere who is just about to graduate from Emerson and he seems to be doing the same mileage as me so I'm going to ahead out with him in the morning. Its nice to be back on the trail though.

Oh and my trail name is dusty, which is short for dust buster because I worked so much at mountain crossings and didn't pay for a single night at the hostel!

15.5 miles tomorrow
via BB