Day 6

Hiked today: 11
Hiked total: 67.5
To katahdin: 2110.8

Today was a great day once again. We woke up right before sunrise and looked over the mountains at the sunrise which was really pretty. We got going on a fairly easy hike. A lot was downhill whoch was a little hard on the knees but there was a fair amount of uphill too. Andy is in better shape than I am so I was falling behind just a little. However, we made it to Dicks Creek gap just after one. We were all ready to hitch hike but when we got to the road there was a group of weekened hikers who offered is beer and pizza! This was very much welcomed and appreciated to say the least! Not only that, but they drove us into town, so thank you very much guys!

We called the hostel but they aren't open for another week, so we tried the holiday inn first but then found out it was $70 a night so walked across the street to the motel where this elderly woman made us fork over a not much better $55. However we used the extra money to go to Daniels all you can eat, stuffed ourselves, and waddled back to the room. After a rest and some TV we went to restock our food supply. Now we will go to sleep once we finish with some movies.
Tomorrow we complete our first state! Its supposed to be nice but we will probably see rain on Wednesday. Next stop is Franklin which we should get to in 3 or 4 days.

North Carolina here we come!

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