My stuff begins to arrive

Today was the first of many shipments of gear I will be receiving this week and next. Yesterday I got my flashlights and knife at Paragon, but today was the first box. I must say, I do love this tent. Unfortunately it is not a self-standing tent and needs to be staked down for it to be erected. No problem for me -- I just went out into the middle of Stuyvesant Town and pitched it. Its beautiful. You can see the pictures, its incredibly roomy on the inside, quite large from the outside, and the best part? No poles! There are two airbeams on the inside which you inflate. This thing... is awesome. Everyone at Nemo Equipment (where the tent is from) was wonderful and very helpful in advising me what would be best for my needs.

This is a wonderful tent, it's just unfortunate that next weekend is finals week and I have projects to do which means I can't actually test it out. Oh well, in the mean time, it's packed away waiting -- more like calling -- for me to use it.