More Gear

Well, the boxes keep coming. I must say, it is fun getting numerous boxes a day of cool stuff. Things I have received are:

My sleeping bag
Back Pack
Little things
Two shirts - they weigh a 2 and 3 ounces!
baselayer pants
and my mini lantern

I was kind of worried about buying all my stuff online because I can't play with it first and also I have to wait which is something I don't like doing. However, my experiences with the online retailers have been great so far. A majority of my gear came from Backcountry and they have been extremely helpful. Free shipping (over $50) and a lifetime warranty! They say if you ever find something wrong with something they sell you or dislike it for any reason, you can send it back. Thats not 30 days or even 3 months, but for life! So that is why I went with them for a majority of my stuff.
Also when I was searching for some small things like a flint and lightweight rope for my bear bag, I came across Antigravity Gear. I placed a small order with them, and got a call a couple days later. The man I spoke with told me that the order of flint and steels had just come in and they were out of yellows. Since I picked the color at random, it didn't really matter. So just picked red and got my stuff two days later. Actually I missed the package on Saturday so had to wait until I could get it today from the post office. I opened it up and found an extra item. As a 'thank you' for the day or two delay and not having my first color choice for a 1 in piece of plastic, they sent me a bandana with a map of the Appalachian Trail from Maryland to Connecticut on it! I looked on their site and it was the cost of half my order. I thought it must have been a mistake, but e-mailed them and they said it was a gift. Anyway, they were very kind and helpful. I actually just placed another order for a 4.3oz water purification system. So thanks George and Matthew!

My sleeping bag is extremely comfortable and warm. It weighs 1.5 lbs and is rated for 30 degrees F. The top portion is very roomy and large and there is plenty of space for my legs. I want to test all my gear out for real, but can't until finals are over.Once I do test things out for real, I will put my thoughts up so anyone else thinking about doing the trail can get some input.

Pictures of the gear I have gotten so far are up.