So it begins!

Today was the first real step towards my hike. I have purchased my gear, purchased my plane ticket to Georgia and set up this site. I know from when I was planning the hike, the most useful information I got was from people who had documented their trip online. From gear lists to learning the hard way (so I don't have to) they helped me get ready more than any book has. I will be submitting my leave of absence form on Monday so it will be official. Christmas is coming early as nearly all my gear will be here this week! As you can see, there is a map to the right. My phone has an auto-updating GPS on it that will update this map every 5 minutes or so. Or Maybe every mile, haven't decided yet. Either way, it is not live now as I am not leaving yet! But that will give you an idea of where I am and how my progress is going.