Waiting... (I feel like we've done this before!)

Day 151

Around 4:30AM I woke up. My head was pounding and I had a chill in my back. Not sure what was going on I woke up and tried to warm up (as I've been doing every night for the past two weeks).

Eventually the alarms started chirping and everyone was rustling around. By the time coffee and breakfast rolled around I felt like I could barely keep down my spit.

After chugging some water we trotted out of camp. Moving steadily, the frost still bit at our not yet warmed up extremities. Soon the nausea passed and the three aleve went to work. I think it was a mix of cold, dehydration and exhaustion.

Since we had the White Pass Ski Resort just ahead, where our resupply awaited, we moved quickly and got to the store. The way down inolved descending a double black diamond ski slope!

At the store we were forced to wait three and a half hours for our packages to arrive. A bummer considering we knew we could only hike out with about an hours daylight.

Now setup next to a lake we are fully loaded for this long stretch. I hope I don't wake up feeling like I did this past morning.

- Andy