A Successful Day

day 152

A smooth sailing day today over lots of uphill, downhill, and flat hill. We have been trying out a new break system which seems to be working well for us (15 min break every hour). The day was cool and clear, didn't have any issues. We are, however, all starting go grow tired of the every day doings of trail life. It's taxing to wake up and just walk for the entire day.

We experienced what we call the 'crazies' on the Appalachian trail -- where you go a bit wacko because the time, conditions, etc., finally catch up with you. Since we have experienced this before, we were able to do our best to postpone in. I'd say we have been pretty successful, because it's only now starting to set in. It's been interesting watching Hetch go through the process we did, and know that it's only going to get more intense.

Everyday is a day we get closer to finishing. Only a couple more weeks until we reach our goal. We are exited, anxious, and very tired.

-- Ian