From Sin City Jr. to the nicest city in Utah

Day 93

After our first failed hitch, ever- we were forced to bus it to Salt Lake City to make it to the Outdoor Retailer conference on time. Landing in town at 6AM the all night bus ride was filled with little sleep and lots of characters. Including: a guy listening to a Walkman with a briefcase of cassettes, the guy with no shirt, instead a Jean jacket vest with five hundred spikes on it, a lady that was soaking up all the greyhound bus's wifi downloading a movie on her laptop, a baby that didn't cry and a comical, quirky bus driver!

We set up camp at an in town KOA campground and caught up on sleep most the day. After waking up we explored the clean, intriguing and beautiful downtown of Salt Lake City.

First off we darted to the movie theatre and bought tickets for Cowboys and Aliens, saw a preview with what looks like the most epic gear junkie's retailer conference ever, then shot back to the movie theatre to see the best film of the summer! Harrison Ford redeemed himself in this one, so we'll forgive him for Indiana Jones IV.

After the flick we walked 2.8 miles back to our campsite and will pass out excited for the days at OR to come.