Back to the Basics

Day 99

Goodnight and good luck... a famous phrase broadcast hundreds of times by the late Edward R. Murrow. I always wondered why he said this. It elicits such a doubtfull sentiment. In further thought I think Murrow knew that no matter how prepared you are it still takes a little luck to get to where you're heading in life.

With many miles down, and many more to go we will need a bit of that luck. Thru-hiking is a mind game that bends the strong and breaks the weak. After over 1,100 miles and the completion of the Outdoor Retailer convention in Salt Lake City we bus it eighteen hours to where we left our old ally, the PCT.

With such a long break and tons of bus/train travel over the past two-weeks we position oursleves to once again live slow, very very slow. We jump from western cities to the end of the high Sierra and transition into northern California. With the slower pace of life comes the ability to live intimately with the land, something lost when you live on the faster end...

The excitement to be once again completely exposed to nature's unpredictable personality, climb epic peaks daily and live in the moment has me wide eyed on our bus as it rolls across the Nevada Badlands. Beyond the adrenaline to get back to the good fight also lies logistical fears of any responsible outdoor athlete... terrain, rations, re-supply, navigation, etc. While there's always a battle raging within to keep going, the purpose and feeling of clearing very real and at times dangerous hurdles is unmatched.

We head back not knowing what to expect from the land we venture into. But, not knowing is the basis to any story worth reading.

We roll along I-80, a midnight moon sinking behind tall clouds and Murrow's words repeating in my head...

Goodnight and good luck.