You'll shoot your eye out!

Day 115

With all the wilderness to enjoy around Shasta we really enjoyed ourselves. Since our buddy Jarett has a house on wheels we made an egg scramble breakfast- We collectively ate out of the cast iron skillet. The breakfast (best on the trail) had just about all the meat, eggs, veggies and cheese we could ever dream of in it.

After breakfast we proceeded to have a BB gun tournament shooting at beer cans from the night before. Jarett took first place, but Fish's biathlon background made for a strong second. Knowing we had to find our friends downtown we left our stealth camp spot and headed that way.

After no word from our buddies we got food and went down to the lake just outside town and had ourselves an afternoon filled with swimming and eating. Post-relaxation we began our planning for tomorrow's attempt on Shasta. 3AM wake up, 4AM departure and a noon summit. Sounds easy, but a lot can happen, especially since there's a ton of snow still hanging around and the fact that it's a 7,000 foot vertical climb with a 14,150 foot summit!

Without ever finding our other two buddies we drove a good way up a winding dirt road. Eventually we found ourselves at the Clear Creek trailhead. Very excited we fall asleep.

It's moments like this that remind me why I am on the trail... We meet new people who become good friends in a short amount of time and are all on the same page- live simply.