big days, big fun

Day 114

Today we hiked out and set out for a long day. We knew we had many miles to go before MT. Shasta, but wanted to kick them out quickly. So, we head out start the day after some coffee and pop tarts from the general store.

The day was long and hot; the sun was beating down on us. We took a few breaks in the shade to try and cool ourselves down, and relax a little. Our new buddy Flying Fish is with us now, so there's three in the crew. We are planning on meeting a couple other hikers tomorrow so we can go and summit Shasta together -- another 14,000 foot peak in California.

Along the trail, we met another traveler -- Jarett. He is driving all around before is winter job starts. Talking to him, he decided to summit Shasta with us! So we are all camped out on the side of this off shooting dirt road, and rest after a long, hot day.

-- Ian