Dried Out

Day 107

The morning was filled with Mosquitos despite the relatively chilly start to the day. From that point in time till we laid our tent on the ground for camp tonight the trail bit back and created hurdles.

Moving at a slow pace up the rest of the fourteen mile incline we had a slower, sweaty few hours just out of camp. We ran into a few section hikers. After the first break we set out again, now there were a ton of down trees from an old avalanche. Moving wide, crawling through the debri we maneuvered the damage area.

We thought we were making good time when we got to an unexpected road. Surprised we pulled out e GPS, we were three miles off trail! The landslide damage had taken us off course to another trail. Already exhausted we now know we went two full hours out of the way and would have to except a lower net miles day today, meaning tougher days ahead to make up the miles.

To throw a handful of salt and a spritz of bear mace in the wound of today we have to dry camp (no water due to gaps in water sources) and our water purifying drops leaked to almost empty. We go to bed very tired, but even more thirsty.