The Jones'

Day 106

Waking under a shady tree on soft grass in a wonderful families back yard was a great way to wake up, indeed. With showers, an awesome eggs rancheros dish, lots of OJ, coffee, and great company, I think it's safe to say it was one of the best mornings on the PCT. Graciously welcomed into the Jones' family, we even got a spot in their family picture!

Knowing we had to go back to the trail, one of Steves friends -- Bubba -- was heading our direction and gave us a lift. We were happy to spend the time with the entire family, be goofy with the kids, then have good conversations with the adults. We were reminded why we love doing these trails -- the people we meet!

After we got to the trail, we had a quick jaunt up hill to a "cabin" only to find no cabin. Its a beautiful camp, so we are happy none the less. Onwards we go, with a pack full of new friends.

-- Ian