One Hitch at a Time

Day 66

After waking up from a solid night's rest we packed up and rolled out. It was about time we left Santa Cruz...

We jumped on a city bus to get us to Watsonville. Here Ian was given his knife by Mr. And Mrs. Corona's children, Martin and Olga. (Ian wants to thank you guys a hundred more times. He's carried that knife everyday for the past 2.5 years and over 3,000 miles, so it means a lot that you found it and got it back to him. Thank you!)

After some Chinese Buffet we began the hitch. It took us three hours to go about twenty miles. Not a good start, and since we left so late we only had a few more hours to hitch back to the Sierras. Luckily a truck driver gave us a lift about 70 miles to Los Banos where we got a little food and called it a night at a cheap motel.

The day was relatively short and kind of hazy. The one night of no sleep on the fourth and the fact we are always moving is catching up with us. So, time to get some shut eye and pray for good hitching back to the trail tomorrow. Can't wait to see the giant passes and raging rivers again!

- Andy