Day 65

Last night was a doozy. After the dense fog started to roll in, we decided we wanted to try and find a space to actually camp. We walked around and saw these state parks nearby that we could stealth camp at. So we trucked up a few miles. However, they were incredibly creepy moments along the way. Cars driving back and fourth, stopping randomly, strange people along the way, and roads that could have been home to many crazy folk.

Finally, when we saw a car stop in front of one of the parks, grab something from the trunk, and head off into the darkness of the gated park -- we decided to drop that idea, and head back towards our bench.

We played rummy in the dense fog, and wearing all of our layers, were still cold. We tried snoozing a few times, and may have been successful for 20 mins at a time, but eventually we realized it was too cold, wet, and uncomfortable (truly being bums) that we just walked around. We quickly decided the following day (today) was going to be spent sleeping in a hotel. The prices dropped a ton because it's not a holiday, and we were able to find one easily.

Since we couldn't check in until the afternoon, we went to get some coffee and breakfast, use the Internet, and sit inside. We went to one of the Patagonias that's here since I worked at the one in Soho for a while, and talked to he folks there. They confirmed what we feared -- the way we have been treated around here is mainly because of the packs on our backs. It doesn't matter there are crampons and a solar panel dangling from the back, but the stigmata over rides all else.

Feeling a little down, we decided to head over to trade joes, get some of the long craved sushi, and head to the hotel. Along the way we asked these folks walking on the street directions to the grocery store, and soon got to talking. We actually spent about 15-20 minutes on the side of the street talking about the town, our trip, and overall being excited that we were once again interesting people rather than bums who are a pain. It was refreshing to have a good conversation with a stranger. Since we have been here, we haven't gotten much more than looks.

After we were done getting food, we headed back to the hotel. We were a little early, so hung by the poo until the room was ready. We got in, and not more than an hour later were we asleep.

When I woke up, I got great news. The folks who drove us yesterday found my knife! I am so happy to hear that, as it's one of the few items in my possession I prize. Lucky they live close by, so tomorrow we will go back into Watsonville where they dropped us off, and get it back.

We rest, relax, and prep for the journey back to the trail tomorrow.

-- Ian