wild wild west... sort of

Day 37

I woke up around midnight to wind howling and Ian yelling to put up more lines for tent support. When we spilled out of the tent the stakes had been pulled up and the cold wind ripped at our faces. After resetting our tent and adding some lines anchored to heavy rocks nearby, we went back to sleep.

This morning when we woke up, everything was covered in a thin layer of dirt and the wind had stopped. Trying to clean up, we went about prepping for the day.

Moving through the miles was relatively easy. Mostly even terrain with a descent at the end into Hiker Town: an interesting place owned by an old movie producer who moved old Hollywood, Western-themed set pieces out to the desert, which just happens to be next to the PCT!

The town is scaled to 3/4 size, and has all the classic buildings -- post office, bank, doctor, etc. It also has a bunch of chickens, a new litter of kittens and two old, skinny dogs. After settling down, I called a deli about 15 miles down the road to order food. The owner drove up to hiker town and picked up about half a dozen of us so we could all get exactly what we wanted to eat! The place was called Weeville Deli (laugh here).

So now we go to sleep, hunkered down in front of "City Hall." Last time we did this in Massachusetts on the Appalachian Trail we got the boot -- don't think that'll be the case tonight.

Mojave, here we come!

- Andy