the Aqueduct

Day 38

After hearing about the Aqueduct for many miles, we were finally upon it. The flattest, driest, and most desolate stretch of the trail -- a 16-mile stretch of essentially dirt road.

A few miles after leaving Hiker Town, we reached it. At first it's fun to be next to running water (even if it is made-made) and to be on flat ground. However, after a mile of running next to the running water, we turned off it to an underground version, and it got boring, quickly. The underground aqueduct was covered with flat cement, so it made for easy walking. However, it was hot, and the sun was pounding down on us. It quickly got difficult to hike there, and even though the terrain was easy, the day wore long.

The past couple of days I haven't been feeling great, which is funny because I never get sick, and on the trail I've had a cold twice already. Mix that with heat and slight dehydration, and it's no fun. After hiking 17 miles to the first water source of the day, we planned to stop because I was passing out. We sat in the shade of a bridge, got some water, and stayed sitting for an hour or so. As all the hikers passed us, they were going to the next water source, about 7 miles up. After drinking a bunch of water and succumbing to peer pressure, we hiked on.

I actually felt good for the remainder of the hike. I was happy we pushed for the 23 miles because we had a great campsite on soft ground right next to a water source, and with all our hiker buddies. The best part? No wind! So, it made for a great sleep. Not only that but pushing those extra miles today means we can do less tomorrow to get our resupply and next guide book! Tomorrow marks one of five books completed.