Enjoying a Break

Day 54

Today was our semi rest day. We got all of our errands done, including food, gear and laundry. All this actually took up a decent amount of time, but we were happy to get it done and enjoy a full rest day tomorrow.

After all our errands, we got back to the motel and starting chatting with our neighbor Jesse and his girlfriend Alison. We ended up having a BBQ with them, and spending the evening together eating and swimming in the pool. Between meeting nice people and making life long friends, Andy and I realize that the trail is not only about the time spent in the wilderness and remote lands, but also -- and if not more so -- about the people we meet along the way.

We are looking forward to another rest day as we go to sleep now, and relax. Let our muscles and bones heal, and spirits build up with the new friendships we have.

-- Ian