A Day of Rest (after 15 miles, 2,400 feet of ascending and two great hitches)

Day 53

After one of the longest, most strenuous stretches of any trail we've faced yet we find ourselves in a "character filled" motel in Bishop, CA. The night was cold, our boots were frozen and we were sore. Moving quickly, and awkwardly over the crusty snow packs, we made our way six miles to the trailhead that would lead us nine more miles over Kearsarge pass, down to a road- the first road in over a week!

Getting a little trail magic from a previous thru-hiker, "Uber-Bitch," we got a ride down to Independence. The difference in temperature off the High Sierras was amazing, the town was a sweltering 101 degrees! not waiting long we got a ride from a warm couple Steve and Patty forty more miles to Bishop.

Relaxing in a cozy bed it's hard to believe just 24-hours ago I was freezing my ass off just below the highest point on the PCT. Life on the trail is always an adventure, no matter where we find ourselves.