I'm high

Day 48

Two miles high exactly. Being born and raised at sea level, being up over 10,000 feet is crazy enough, especially when camping up that high!

We all woke from our beautiful campspot to frost and fog. Luckily as the sun rose, it cleared up quickly. Our sleeping bags were wet because we didn't put on the fly last night, but the warm sun dried them quickly. Then we were off to go the highest both Andy and I have ever been.

The first part of the day was tough. Nearly 8 miles of uphill to bring us to 10,500 feet. Then a quick downhill again, and another big climbing bringing us back up to elevation. The scenery was amazing, and we were all in high spirits. However that was only for am short time.

Wiz and Andy both hike strong and fast, while Pooh Bear and high are a little more relaxed and take our time. Usually we all stick together, but on big uphills usually get broken apart. We all decided to hike 21 miles today, to a water source slightly off trail. After Lunch, we went over the details -- the second off trail water source where the sign says corral. Andy and Wiz took off, while Pooh Bear and I took a little nap and rested our feet.

The second uphill was tough for me because I shortly ran out of water and snacks for the day. So the last four miles into camp were slow going, and draining. That paired up with the heavier pack (because of extra gear, and a long stretch worth of food) and first time being at high elevation, I was pushing away blurry eyes and loopy thoughts. I just wanted to get to camp. I was so drained and tired that I let Pooh Bear go the extra mile and a half to camp without me.

I soon s the sign saying Corral, and the path to camp. I got down only to find Pooh Bear... No Andy or Wiz. After a short discussion, some water and chocolate, we decided they must have accidentally stopped at the first water source. We didnt think they could have passed the sign, and the next source is over three miles away, so I volunteered to run back the 2 miles to the other camp and make them come to the proper spot.

With the sun setting, I run off. My annoyance with the two drive me to go the extra miles, and shortly I get to the camp... To find no one but two other thru hikers whom have not seen them. So I trek back. Over four miles of extra hiking for nothing.Pooh Bear and I make dinner in the dark, and I Jerry rig the tent body (pictured above) so I can sleep in it as Andy has the poles.

Not going to lie, not pleased tonight after pushing hard for 21 miles, and not sure how they missed the sign, but hopefully all wll be clear in the morning. Or they will be dead, one or the other.