A Whole New World

Day 47

I start this entry thanking over and over again all the people that have gotten us this far. Our families back home, girlfriends who go without contact for days, and all the trail angels along the way. Last night was no exception as we were invited to a dinner of the BEST fish tacos I've ever tasted by a guy named Mike who has a cabin in Kennedy meadows. I will have to write a food blog about them shortly, unfortunately I forgot my camera when we left for Mike's house. While at dinner we ate and made great conversation with a few of Mike's buddies, Martin and Jeff. There was a lot of drinks going around, but one thing I remember from the chat was live with no regrets- that's what we're doing.

Stumbling into camp around midnight we set up camp and slept deeply. In the morning we had pancakes and coffee, courtesy of a trail angel named Tom. He let's hikers camp on his property (right by the trail) and makes them breakfast! Waiting for a few packages we killed time with a little guitar, conversation and eating. Once they arrived (4pm) we left for the sierras! It was a great feeling to be starting such an exciting chapter of our hike and everyone was notably anxious. We've heard bad reports on snow, but we will face the challenges for ourselves before psyching ourselves out.

As soon as we started the scenery was gorgeous- meadows, streams, big trees- it was all what I had imagined it and more. Eventually we crested a pass and could see a snow cap, it was beautifully looming in the distance. We reached a beautiful campsite fit for ansel Adams next to a large stream in a wide open valley as the moon rises behind our tent.

Life is hard. Life is good. Life is what you make it.