like buttah

Day five Waking up a little late, we skipped our coffees and went straight to the most scenic part of the trail we have hiked on yet. The views into what looked like death valley were awe-some, not to mention our tunes which we turned on for the first time while hiking today. The wind was a factor, but was a pleasant relief from the heat we have been facing. With about an hour left, we ran into an older lady from where I used to live in Cambridge, MA. She was in good spirits like us because of the terrain and weather. Around 11:30 we found our camping area and found the brook was bone dry. So we hunted for water. A half mile down inside of a dry canyon we discovered a small spring a quarter mile from camp. Wile we wait for the sun to go down, the wind picks up keeping us comfortable now, but will likely make for a chilly night. Spirits are high as we grow more used to hiking in the desert and enjoying what the trail has to offer. --