from three to two

Day 4:

We woke before dawn and hurried out of camp to beat the heat. The day was a mix of shadowy groves and burnt mountain sides. Eventually we came upon a well stocked general store in Laguna, CA. We made rustic salami and cheese sandwiches (see food blog). We settled down for the afternoon to wait out the heat in a picnic area.

After relaxing on our NEMO fly we realized Dave has been missing for a good while. Not long after, he returned and said "we need to talk".

Dave told us about the call he got from his mom concerning his grandfathers developing cancer. His time is short, and Dave needed to head to Florida to be with his family. While he will be missed, The Dusty Camel treks on.

We find ourselves camped out cliff side overlooking a look alike death valley. Its already cold at 8 o'clock. With the howling winds, we prepare for sleep, as tomorrow our party drops to two.