Day 154

No, unfortunately we -- and our belongings -- are not dry. Tonight we have a dry camp, which means no water. We got caught in a ten mile dry stretch and were ill prepared. Our book showed us a side trail which lead to water, but it was nowhere to be found. As it just began to get dark, we pulled up to this old looking trail. No sign, no indication that it's the trail we need. We went up trail a little to see if we could get a Gage on what the terrain is like, and put that together with the topographic map to see if that is indeed the trail.

Up and down we went, until finally we decided it must be the trail. We went back, worked our way up the side trail, and immediately was lost. We knew how to get back to the PCT, but saw no sign of he side trail after a few hundred yards. We looked back and forth, up and down, and no luck was to be had.

We returned to the PCT to end this long, wet day -- with a dry camp. It's ironic that we are pretty much soaked to the bone, but have no water to drink.

-- Ian