Day 156

Today we made it to Soqualmie Pass, WA! This means half done with Washington, and only 250 miles left of the Pacific Crest Trail. What a world of difference now from the beginning of the trail. So now we prepare for the end of the trail. Tired, weary, and excited to finish.

We woke up this morning to heavy rain on our tent, so we stayed in our sleeping bags. We knew we would be in a town, so we slept in, and stayed in the tent until 8:30. Haha! Fun, relaxing morning.

We hiked our 15 miles to I-90, where the few stores are, and the trail crosses. We very drearily went to the restaurant to get some food. An interested couple started chatting with us about our trip, and were soon gone. The waiter than informed us they paid for our meal! We were reminded that the people are what make this trail the experience it is. It's refreshing to see genuine kindness without a price. So from the three of us, thank you very much!

Thanks to saving some money on the meal, we were able to fork over the hefty $100 for a room next door so we can dry and relax for the night before tackling the last few days.

Sleeping warm and dry tonight.

-- Ian