So Close

Day 167

The sun rose to our right as we made coffee and crept out of camp. We had one BIG down and one BIG up today.

As we dropped into the valley we started to thaw. Without the proper four-season gear we struggle at night to keep warm. Without solid rest these days we are worn out. The warm sun in the low valley helped wake our tired bodies from the exhaustion. Every break felt like a second went by before we had to continue north. Not to mention that the extra detour-miles mean more time out here with only a limited food ration.

Climbing out of the glacial valley we thought about the snow waiting just above. Another night on a snowy ridgeline at high altitude meant pure misery. However, as we made our way up the 3,800 foot ascent the snow never materialized! We were on the south side of the mountain and our eventual camp had only a dusting of white. The view from our spot is truly amazing!

Tomorrow we should make it to where our last resupply sits in Stehekin, WA! Can't wait to start chopping away those remaining miles and get a real bite to eat.