one more stretch

Day 168

Today was filled with downhill and blue skies. A great day for most, but as our bodies grow weary, even the easy terrain was tiring us out. It's hard to imagine that this is the last stretch of the last stretch before the last stretch (say that ten times fast!). We are eager to finish, as time continues on.

With the excitement of being around people, food, and drinks, we hurried to the road which lead to Stehekin. The last stretch I jumped in front of the guys and slightly jogged. I was in need of some food and relaxation. Unfortunately, there was none to be had.

As soon as we made it to the road, it was apparent we weren't getting in tonight. We knew the buses were done for the season, but had hoped the ranger would still be there -- wrong. Bummed out, and out of food, we camped at a nice shelter, cooked up anything and everything we had (two ramen packets, some peanut butter, and tortillas -- for the three of us).

We get ready for bed hungry and tired, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Unfortunately, the snowy weather has pushed us back a few days. We should be in Canada on Saturday or Sunday.

-- Ian