Rooster call

Day 5 began kinda like day 3 and 4, cold and dewy. Except on this day, we were not only extremely well rested from a comfortable night in appropriately rated sleeping bags, but also greeted by Rooster's morning call, which I guess is a thing now. I've slowly come to terms with the inevitably that we will be woken up this way for the duration of the time we hike with these fellas. Over the last few days it has also been used as means of letting the mountain range know that we have summited a serious climb. We had no idea how well received this would be amongst the community of hikers on the trail. Throughout the day, hikers were constantly asking us if we had a fella with us screeching rooster calls from the mountain tops. Apparently you can actually yell as far as 4-5 miles in these mountain bowls and be heard by hundreds of hikers on the trails throughout. An interesting feature that might prove entertaining and perhaps useful. All in all, we and the new boys have been having fun putting down some miles. With some gear reconfigurations we are beginning to feel our our bodies adjusting. Today's hike seemed to feature some conversation and comedy instead of the huffing and grunting we've heard the first few days. We will be camping at Poplar Stamp camp area night 5 and pushing the 7 miles to GA rt 75 tomorrow where we will hitch a ride into Haiwassee to resupply and ice our entire bodies. Best wishes to everyone back home!

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