Budget inn

We have stuck to our schedule and as us we have successfully made it to Unicoi Gap at mile 53. We met a nice father/daughter team out for a week of hiking and camping named Greg and Kim. They graciously offered a ride in their spacious suburban, and of course, we were blogged to accept instead of thumbing into Haiwassee. When we neared the gap, we smelled the distinct smell of charred hotdogs. Sure enough, our first trail magic encounter. All set up in the parking lot along rt 75 was two gentlemen from Helen GA, barbecuing up Some dogs and offering oranges, bananas, Gatorade, bottled water, moonshine, Canadian whiskey, and miller lite. AMAZING. We dummied about a dozen dogs, 5 swigs off the shine bottle and god knows how many bottles of water. After our new friends brought us into Haiwassee, we grabbed a couple $29 rooms at the classy Budget Inn, did our laundry, hit the grocery store and shoveled down some subway. As for the rest of the night.... I think some natty ice and a few pizzas are in our future. Off in the direction of Franklin, NC tomorrow! Over and out!

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