I got to see several of my friends on New Year's Eve and that was great. I drove home that day and stopped at the party on my way through town. My Maggie dog was still in the car, though, so I didn't stay long. Once reunited with Jenn and my cats, we had a quiet night and I celebrated the new year with a solo drink and then went to bed.

I peeled the callous off my foot today, and I still have tan lines on my legs where my hiking shorts ended at my knees. I think I'm sick again, too. Not again! I took Nyquil and the body aches are subsiding. I should have taken it earlier today. Yesterday I went with my friend, Jenn, to see Les Miserables and we had Thai food. I'm glad I felt good then but why am I sick again? I need a job but the outdoor jobs I want take me away from the house for days and I have animals that I can't leave alone like that. I need a roommate who will take care of my pets while I'm gone before I can even consider any of these jobs. In the meantime, I need any job, some way to pay the bills. I don't know what to do, but think I'll go sleep since the Nyquil is kicking in.