Happy New Year! Here are my resolutions for 2013. I will continue my blog, though not daily (WAY too much work). I will write a book about my thruhike (not just a pumped up trail journal). I will edit and organize my photos so I can post them here and on Facebook and maybe make a book out of them. I will write another song with my sister for her next cd. I will get certified in Jin Shin Jyutsu for humans and animal companions. I would like to work outside, maybe with at risk kids, or as a ridge runner or caretaker and combine some of my passions into a custom made career. I feel like I'm being too idealistic, but then again, I feel such a strong potential to create a life I used to only dream about. Now I believe I can do whatever "it" is, if I can see it clearly enough and if I want it enough.

I knew nothing about long distance backpacking or thruhiking when I first felt the dream inspire me. My thruhike was a lot of work. It took everything that I had in me, but most of all, it took complete dedication. I now have a chance to create the life I want, and I realize it's possible. It will need just as much stubborn persistence and adaptation to chaos as I needed to complete the AT.

Thank you to Zach Davis for writing the book "Appalachian Trials." I believe the mental preparations I made while reading his book were a key reason that I never once wanted to quit. I knew other things might take me off the trail, but I knew I would never quit because I learned how to work with my mind and because I truly enjoyed being on the trail.