Zero day! Rockin' Robin left at 6am and Toe Knee and Paul went to breakfast with her. Sorry I just couldn't make myself get up early today, RR! I love you and will miss you! Instead, I got up later and had breakfast with Dah Wah-He. He gave me and Toe Knee a ride to Walmart in Stroudsburg to resupply, but we got lost in construction detours. Archae/Arky called and needed to go to the hospital, but we were lost. We got back, though, and I send Arky my best. I hope you feel better!

I worked on my blog a bit in the afternoon and put my food together, which is new with a stove. I'm not sure how to eat/buy food now. The church is very nice to help hikers out like this. Thank you! Everybody I met was very friendly and they have dinners for thruhikers in the summer but we are not in any thruhiker bubble now. It feels pretty desolate at times on the trail, but Smoked Nuts came in today. I first met him near Mahoosuc Notch in Maine, after he fell down a mountain and hit his head. He is headed south as is Dr. Spice. Farsky finished his section hike and gave me his fuel canister. Thank you everybody!