AT miles hiked today: 5.2
Total AT miles hiked: 1483.4
Miles to complete my thruhike: 700.8

Today was a nero into Delaware Water Gap, PA. I crossed the Delaware River bridge in a walkway next to fast and noisy traffic. The bridge bent and bounced under the weight of the cars. I never felt that in my car on bridges and I didn't like it at all. On the other side, though, I was in Pennsylvania! I set up at the church hostel and got trail magic from the hiker box. There was a Pocket Rocket stove, a pot, ramen noodle packets and then Rockin' Robin gave me her used fuel canister, so now I can eat warm things as the weather gets colder.

We walked across town to the Pocono Inn and they let us do our laundry there. The power went out though, and laundry was interrupted. We ate at the diner, which has a gas grill and could make almost everything even without power, then we went back and waited for power and planned the next few days.

Toe Knee told us she's leaving, too, now that her job is emailing her family and she knows she won't finish this as a thruhike. Oh, things are changing. Well, it is strange how having a group feels like a security blanket, and I am sad to lose my friends. I realize it may not be fun to hike into November, but Eagle Eye and I are still heading south to Virginia, and I will finish my hike.

Today I met Arizona, Alabama again, and Dah Wah-He came in with his friend Arky. Paul and Kansas Trainwreck were also there. We sat up late talking and laughing and hanging out. That was fun for Rockin' Robin's last night.