AT miles hiked today: 14.3
Total AT miles hiked: 1466.4
Miles to complete my thruhike: 717.8

We are all tenting at a site overlooking Fairview Lake. Lisa, Scott and their dog Bella made friends with us and they even took our trash away when they left, along with some litter that was on the trail. Thank you!

Dah Wah-He again offered us a ride into Culvers Gap to the Jumboland Diner for the breakfast special. On the way to his car I climbed the fire tower to look at New Jersey, which has more trees than you might expect, but nobody else climbed up to see. It was pretty, and I saw a lake, but it was also very cold in the wind up there so I didn't linger.

We got to his car before 9am and Dah Wah-He made two trips to shuttle us all to the diner. Then we had a leisurely breakfast and lots of coffee and then ice cream, too. I got Road Runner Raspberry in a sugar cone. They don't do the $2.99 breakfast special on Sundays, but Rockin' Robin worked out a food trade deal with me. Thanks RR! And thanks, Dah Wah-He! It was great to meet you.

We started hiking again at 11am and passed some beautiful lakes today. There was also some lovely trail between all the rocks. I keep being surprised at how beautiful NJ is, and the weather during the day is just perfect for hiking, though it's harder to get up in the cold, dark mornings. Luckily, the rain was done by this morning, so we didn't have to head out into the wet, but it brought in a cold front. Brrr....