AT miles hiked today: 10.2
Total AT miles hiked: 1452.1
Miles to complete my thruhike: 732.1

I'm in the Gren Anderson Shelter tonight. I arrived around 2:45 and had been hearing dire predictions of heavy rain and the other women were waiting here already in their sleeping bags. Also my back muscle is in spasm again and I'm exhausted. I needed a break long before this and I will not get it until Delaware Water Gap. So I climbed into my sleeping bag and joined the other women in the shelter. It sprinkled for a few minutes and cleared out, but then the rain came heavily in the night. We could have gotten to the next shelter. But I'm happy for the rest.

Earlier today I passed through the Sunrise Mountain pavilion, which I had read about in "Becoming Odyssa." A guy was hanging there when she walked up in the morning. It was ruled a suicide, and I never saw it, but I felt strange going through there, knowing somebody had died there. It was an overcast and threatening day, but the rain didn't come in the daylight.

We met Dah Wah-He at the shelter, and we all chatted. He offered to take us to breakfast in the morning because his car was in a parking lot right off the trail only three miles away. Yay!