AT miles hiked today: 3
Total AT miles hiked: 1192

We took a nero in Monson, today. I got a giant sub from the grocery store for one meal in town and one on the trail. We also got stuff to make chili dogs last night. We did all our chores and laundry and needed every minute we had. I took a second shower. It's funny how one shower a day feels indulgent anymore. We put together the bucket of food we split $20 to have delivered to us in the 100 Mile Wilderness by Lakeshore House. Chucky da Phish came in before we left, so we got to see him again to say goodbye. I saw Still Joe and Wooly who are heading south on their flipflop and just finished the Hundred Mile Wilderness. I watched parts of Blazing Saddles as I did my chores. That is a funny movie.

Tonight I'm sheltered in Leeman Brook Lean-to after getting a shuttle from Rebecca's husband to the trailhead. I enjoyed three easy, happy, beautiful miles and then we three had the shelter to ourselves for the first time ever.