AT miles hiked today: 11
Total AT miles hiked: 1189

We are in bunks and beds at the Lakeshore House in Monson, ME. We are about to start the hundred mile wilderness, but are taking a nero here first. We caught up to Toe Knee at 2pm after some beautiful hiking along a river I can't pronounce or spell without help. We forded two rivers over the last couple of days and I switched to using my crocs which actually work just fine in the water and my shoes stay dry.

While I was waiting for the shuttle I met #5 and Zen, also known as The Applewoods, who I first met at the MARTA station in Atlanta and we shared the same shuttle to start the AT at Springer. They flip flopped after taking a couple weeks off, and we just happened to meet in this parking lot right before I left. I love this trail!