AT miles hiked today: 5.1
Total AT miles hiked: 1120.4

Sue gave us an an early shuttle to the trail at 7:20, so we were hiking by 7:45 this morning. On the way to the trail Sue pointed out the moose on the side of the road. There was a cow and baby and I finally saw my moose! Not on the trail, but from a car on the side of the road. It figures.
We climbed up the Bigelow Range to the Horns Pond Lean-tos. I was going slowly due to my ankle having an odd tingling sensation when I walked. It didn't hurt, but just felt weird and it hasn't done that before. I put a neoprene ankle sleeve on it through the evening yesterday, and again today when I took off my hiking shoes and did camp chores. I'm trying to keep the swelling down that way. I would wear it while hiking, but it's too tight and would cause chafing.

Anyway, Eagle Eye was struggling today, possibly due to dehydration from yesterday, and she really didn't want to go on. So, we ended up texting Toe Knee, who we had already fallen behind more than an hour, and told her we were staying here. We will have to hike bigger miles the next two days to catch up and meet our schedule to arrive in Caratunk with Toe Knee, but I think we can after the short hike today and some rest.

I loved the hike today, though my ankle was wacky. It was beautiful and not too hard and I really enjoyed it. Not long after we got our tents set up, storm clouds rolled in and rained on us as we were eating. I'm glad I wasn't hiking up on the Bigelow peaks in that storm and I hope Toe Knee and Dame Q are warm amd dry right now like I am. I did get some pictures of the clouds rolling in, and I hope they turn out okay.

Lately we've been meeting a lot of Southbounders who flip-flopped. Suddenly we're not the odd ones anymore, just one group of many others who are doing alternative thruhikes.