AT miles hiked today: 7.3
Total AT miles hiked: 1115.3

Argghh! I twisted my ankle yet again today, on fast, mostly easy trail. Then I got stung or bit on the back of my arm by something I didn't see. It still burns and aches and it was bloody. And while I'm complaining about physical issues, my kneecap, that I hurt by falling on a rock the last time I twisted my ankle, and hurt again banging into that root when I sank in the mud, is still incredibly painful every time I bump it or kneel on it. And I have acne. On the plus side, I weigh 192 pounds and wore a medium shirt and large pants today and my waistbelt on my backpack is as tight as it can go and still hold my camera.

I'm at the Roadhouse in Stratton, Maine, and I love it here. It is beautiful, open, full of windows and doors, the beds are bigger than most, it's clean, the bunks actually have ladders, there's a kitchen and laundry and more than one shower and bathroom. Plus, there's a car to drive to town. Sue is great. She thruhiked in 2005, so she knows what we need. She even had clothes available for us to wear while doing our laundry. That is always a big deal, so you can wash all of your stuff. The store here in Stratton is okay, but the IGA in Rangeley is much better for selection and prices.

I would love to zero here, but it is not to be. We are trying to finish Maine by the first week of September.